iOS photos upload in wrong orientation

When using upload from iOS devices the photos come in with the wrong orientation

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I’m not able to reproduce this. This used to be a problem that I encountered though: iOS 13 Safari resized images are not properly oriented

Do you have any more details?

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this can happen because of the ‘special’ way that ios photos store their rotation data. With a normal rotated photo, the actual pixels of the image are changed – but in the case of ios the pixels of the image are unchanged and some file metadata indicating the rotation is used instead.

The problem with this approach for everyone else is that web-browsers can’t properly/reliably read image exif data, so to properly figure out if an image is rotated the server now needs to be able to read and transform image files.

It’s a lot of work for this issue, so it’ll be something that I take a look at in the future (assuming apple doesn’t fix the problem on their end one day…)

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