Issues with edge scrolling

from an email from marco:

Linking elements near the border of the viewport.
If I try to link an card that is near the edge of the screen, the view starts scrolling as soon as I get nearby.
This makes me miss the connection as the view shifts.
Furthermore, if the current view is “heavy” (lots of cards and edges) the arc seems to shoot way off in the distance, possibly requiring to draw a looooong arc off-screen.
And this makes the rendering stutter for a few seconds.
Repro: open a diagram with lots of cards and edges. Place a card top left, and another bottom right, near the edge of the window. Draw a connection from the top-left box to the bottom right box. Almost certainly you’ll experience what I’m talking about.
Idea: make the margin edge scrolling smaller or less sensitive or slower when dragging an edge.

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I have this same issue. I don’t like this interaciton in general, whether on touch or desktop. (This is not specific to Kinopio).

Use cases:

  • Reposition a card
  • Make a selection and move a group of cards
  • Connect a card to something at the edge or offscreen
  • Make a selection that includes cards off screen
  • Resizing an image card (and my cursor approaches screen edge)

Some ideas:

  • I wish there were a way to lock panning so there is no movement at the edges.
  • Clearly indicate the zone when scrolling will start. That way, I can avoid it.
  • Or more radically, introduce a staging area where I can temporarily put cards, and then pan around, and then place them back into the space.

just released an update that changes the speed/acceleration of edge scrolling, let me know how it feels now