Jumping Link Cards

This has happened a handful of times. I don’t know how to reproduce and it’s like 1/50 maybe, but occasionally when I tap the arrow on a card that links to another space, the card jumps to the new space with me.

This space is an example of the endpoint that received the card: https://kinopio.club/wednesday-sep-15-21-E71UkRkUk17cP8BjmfPaN (I left the card that jumped with an unconnected note below in case it helps…)

Steps: In my Tuesday space, I clicked the link to go to Wednesday’s space (above) and the card with the link to Wednesday came with. (It is no longer in Tuesday’s space, but only Wednesday’s.)

This is all on iOS, web app, iPhone and iPad.

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I’ve noticed the end result where there is a random card from a different space in the current space a few times, too. I just recently saw it in the past few days, so it is fresh in my mind. It was one of the cards from the Pop Up Store space, but it was in one of my Open spaces. I could move it around like a normal card. But now that I’m looking around for it, it’s gone. And it’s not in Removed cards.