Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve had a few topics that people have discussed keyboard shortcuts in to meet a specific topic, but I thought it might be helpful to have one place to capture these.

These are the first couple that I remember seeing elsewhere (plus those added in the comments):

  • Create New Space
  • Jump to Today (same behavior as /journal or /new/today)
  • Jump to Tomorrow (same behavior as /new/tomorrow)
  • Toggle Todo in Card (Todo, Complete, Remove box completely)
  • Cycle through frame types
  • Card movement and connections
  • Cycle through frame types

Larger scope, but I think important and useful: keyboard accessible methods to move and connect cards.

For movement, I’m imagining a mode where you can use the arrow keys, and these would move cards along the invisible grid. That is, think of where a card would get placed if you used the align-and-tidy function. So do the same math as that algorithm, which is basically putting the next card x pixels from the current card in whatever direction you press.

Then, for connecting, maybe like hit c to go into connect mode from the current selected card. This would then allow the arrow keys to cycle to destination cards.

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This paragraph is confusing to me… are you talking about moving existing cards or the placement of the next card in relation to the current card…?

Edit: oh! I think I get it now. There’s card a, b, and c, placed in order but messy. If I’m in card b and arrow left it aligns to a on the side, if I arrow down it aligns under a.

Is that what you are thinking?

Yeah, there’s some ambiguity, but that’s the main idea. You’ll have to decide on some frame of reference. If you have multiple cards, it probably makes sense that your frame of reference is the closest card to you. But let’s say there’s just a single card A in a space. When you’re in movement mode, hitting down arrow will move it x pixels, where x = height of A + 12 (because 12 seems to be the amount of space between neatly stacked cards). And right arrow would do the corresponding thing, but with width. (not sure if this is helping, if I have time I can mock up with some pictures)

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