Kinopio business/group/team plan dream features?

For people using/collaborating in Kinopio inside a company, there’s probably additional needs that aren’t being met yet.

If you’ve used Kinopio for work-stuff, I’d love to know:


  • business needs should never compromise the individual experience
  • if the fundamental look, feel or philosophy of kinopio is at odds with business requirements, these will not be changed/compromised
    • relatedly, because I don’t have investor obligations, it’s totally fine for Kinopio to only pursue companies that are already a good fit for the product (as opposed to having to be all things to all people)
  • this would be an additional paid plan (right now I’m thinking something simple/blanket like basecamp’s 99$/mo for unlimited users/seats)


  • how big is your company?
  • what other tools do you use to organize info and write docs? (notion etc)
  • what issues prevent your company from using kinopio more broadly?
  • what features would help you use better collaborate with others in your company?
  • would you use kinopio primarily within your team, as a way to communicate across teams/departments, or both?
  • how much would you/your-company pay?

raise the price and publish it somewhere on your checkout flow

for businesses that want a custom version of kinopio that’s at odds with how it looks,




A blanket price is much more useful for smaller companies to pick up. I have been happily using basecamp from 8 years now without worrying about adding , removing license which is very helpful for a smaller company.


Ya I wouldn’t want to charge per seat, so much messiness comes with that approach