Kinopio hidden link messes with browser history

I have a card that links to another space. I have hidden the link (?hidden=true). When I click on the arrow link, I go to the new space. But there’s a redirect that happens in between, so if I go Back, it stays on the space (adding back the ?hidden=true to the location). So it takes me two clicks of Back to get back to the previous space.

My expectation is that hitting back would take me back to where I came from (if I’m naive about the hidden link trick). :slight_smile:

thanks – ben

do you only have this issue if the link has hidden=true , or do you get this issue with links that don’t have it too?

just hidden=true links. I was able to reproduce from your Life Tasks space, clicking on the Kinopio Roadmap link, btw (for a case that you have control over).

just released a fix for this, which also makes space urls load much faster

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