Kinopio link can't be used in markdown link

I have a card with the name:

[Module 1: Methodology](

I want that to be rendered as a Markdown link, so the card name is just “Module 1: Methodology”, but Kinopio’s handling of space URLs takes precedence.



Ya kinopio urls are handled differently to allow them to be previewed (which might also be a good thing to have here) .

Instead of markdown links would it be possible to rename the space itself to match the text of the link? eg Module 1: Methodology ST 5201

not in this case – the reason I tried using markdown for this link was because I explicitly wanted the text to be shorter (so the card doesn’t wrap) and I don’t want to rename the space either.

a combination of other features we’ve talked about would ease these requirements, though. for example, if I could change the card size, this would prevent wrapping (the reason being I have these cards in a grid, and having a two-line height card would throw everything off vertically). and I have my space named in a specific way so I can more easily scan and organize them through namespacing. if there were other ways to group spaces, then I wouldn’t be as restricted to how I name it.

but in general, without considering the implementation details, I would expect markdown links to work with any URLs and special URLs or unfurling that occurs would not take effect for markdown ones.

i’ll look into this this week or next

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kinopio urls now ignored if inside a markdown link

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