Kinopio space detection

I created a whole bunch of cards via the API with kinopio space URLs as their names. However, the code that detects these as kinopio spaces and renders them as just the title with an icon doesn’t run until I manually change the name of the card. Is there a way to trigger this?

(You can see the digital garden space was “detected”. This happened after I made a dummy edit on the card).


hmm there’s no way to do this from the api currently.

When the card is edited, the client runs the codepath that sets up the url as a spacelink, but doing an extra check on space load is something I could add in the future

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is there a way to do this via the browser programmatically? like iterate over every card and call some function? :slight_smile: I’ve got over 100 cards (I wrote a script to create a space with cards with links to all my spaces – a space directory of sorts).

can you access component based methods?
for each Card.vue there’s a CardDetails.vue (details = card back)
in each CardDetails there’s a updateSpaceLink() method, that when run will transform the urls into space links

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I’ll poke around and report back – gracias!