Linear view for space

linear-flow is easier for sharing an idea with others. maybe there's a way to make a space into a linear

I’m curious about this card you recently created. I don’t know what it’s fully about, but I from my read of it, I’m very interested in it. For spaces, sometimes I’m in a mode where I want the information to be more dense and easier to read, and I don’t want/need the spatiality. Another use case is being in a mode where I want to view the cards I’ve created as a chronological log of notes.

Not sure if that’s where you were going, but wanted to chime in in case it is related :slight_smile:

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it’s something I’m still exploring, but it’s more about solving a problem of how to take spatial notes which are better for thinking and exploring ideas, and turn them into a format where finished thoughts are easier to understand by others (eg a linear paragraph looking thing). the answer to that might also be export related somehow