Link button sometimes appears on the wrong card

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I’ve been seeing this issue sporadically where cards will show a link arrow button. The link goes to a link that belongs to another card in the space. This gets cleared up on a reload. In these screenshots, you can see the link button, but the card name doesn’t have a link.

I also saw this on a separate day and different browser. I will try to get some reproduction steps.

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I see this too. After switching to a second space, some plain text cards will have a link arrow that points to an upload from the first space. Caching issue?

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I don’t know if this is relevant, but in my case as well, the erroneous link also pointed to an attached PDF (vs a website, per se).

do you both only see this issue in cards after changing spaces?

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it’s hard to say, but while I was trying to qualify this bug more, I did observe:

  • I switched to my Inbox space (private) which contains a card with a link to a PDF that has been the erroneous link appearing on other cards.
  • I switched to my team space (also private) where I know I had seen an erroneous link. I didn’t observe any bad links.
  • Incidentally, at this point I took a screenshot of part of my space and pasted in Discord.

  • I paint selected the stickers and some connections and removed them.
  • At this point, I noticed that the bad link appeared on one of the left-side remaining cards. So to the best I could see, the bad link appeared after I removed those cards and connections. It’s also possible it appeared before that (when bringing focus back to mac app, or when I started to select). Here is an after screnshot.

lol, and just as I post this, I noticed in the first screenshot that there was an errant link on the Nick card! So maybe when I switched to this space, it did appear and I didn’t notice. And then the link moved to a different card.

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Okay, more information. More clues that, do your original question, yes it appears this happens when I switch to a space (but as noted, the bad link can move while interacting with a space).

  • I went to Inbox (with the card with the link that ends up being the bad link).
  • Using space dialog, I go to my team space. I see the bad link on Brian card.
  • I reload the mac app. The bad link disappears.
  • I can reproduce by walking through the same steps.
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I’m still seeing this. I can reproduce with the above steps, and I can broaden the description a little:

  • visit space with some card with a link
  • using space browser, navigate to another space that you own.
  • observe a random link on a card.

I think this only happens with spaces that you own. i tried to use a public or open space for the first and second space, but didn’t reproduce it then.

I can repro this on too