Making twice the same connection removes it

This is brainstorming but I still think that it would be great to have some additional actions in Kinopio that would not require going into menus. One of them is removing connections.

What if one could make the same connection twice that would remove it?

This is something that has already been done in Scapple and it works great.

that doesn’t sound particularly intuitive (usually adding a thing adds it). But you can already remove connection(s) by painting over or clicking one and hitting ‘remove’ , so I’m not sure what an additional action would help with?

It feels actually surprisingly good in Scapple. Have you tried it? It allows the user to remove connections without using keyboard or clicking on any buttons.

My worry would be since you can have connections go in two directions in Kinopio that it would be easy to mix it up and remove when you meant to add a second or add a second when you meant to remove.


Maybe. It works in Scapple quite well and one can have also different connections. But maybe there could be a different solution?