Minor issues in large spaces

I’m seeing two things happen in a number of larger, more complicated spaces.

  1. On re-opening a space, connections are drawn offset. Sometimes just by a few pixels, as shown here. Other times, they’ll be way off on the x or y axis. I don’t have a screengrab for a big difference, but this here is common.

  2. Random notes will drop their final character. The note below read “Valley Falls” two days ago. And you can see an obvious truncation above, called out with an arrow.

The offset connections can be fixed by selecting all and nudging all notes with the mouse. I’m seeing it pretty often, though.


  1. ya i’ve noticed the connections lines drift too sometimes, I’ll have a fix for it next week

  2. so first trip to valley falls turned into first trip to valley fall (without the ‘s’)? Next time you see this, if you’re not in a hurry to correct it, can you send me the space and card name that it’s happening on so I can investigate server logs?


  1. Thank you! I do keep seeing it.
  2. Yes, exactly that. I’m not in a hurry to correct it.

Space name: Witches So Gay We Don’t Even Think Straight

Card names (before truncation):

First trip to Valley Falls
Reinstall toilet so no leak

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OK, another just happened.

Space: 2021-03-08 State Of Mind

Card Fear (huge adrenaline spik (which was spike and I don’t remember if I accidentally left off the trailing ) or if that’s truncated too)

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hm ya looks like that’s indeed been saved in the db as Fear (huge adrenaline spik. I’ll check the logs later today to see if there’s any clues there

Got another one that I just found, and haven’t touched except to move a note.

In the space Which Rabbit Workshop

Companion robo used to say Companion robots (or robot, I can’t remember.)

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Will be deep diving into this as my main task tomorrow :), will report back


just shipped an update which will heal broken connection lines on load


I don’t know if it’s the same problem, but it seems like it could be. I am in a situation where I loaded a space, and I found one of the cards missing characters from the end.


That’s what the second client and the server has, but on the original client where I created the card, its localStorage thinks that it is Questions/discussion. I assume if I reload that one, it will reflect the truncated card name. I’m 100% I didn’t explicitly delete “ussion” at any point. Let me know if providing the spaceId and permissions would help you troubleshoot. This happened in the last hour or two.


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Ya spaceid would help a lot, and if private and you don’t mind sharing an invite link would be handy.

I don’t log the content of name changes for privacy reasons, so this is a little tougher to mail down

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hmm don’t see anything obvious in the logs. It’s possible that it’s a connection hiccup or slow db issue that’s not being logged. I added logging name lengths when cards are updated, to be able to diagnose this better in the future


I’ve definitely continued seeing this across many spaces and it’s usually when I’ve reloaded the space after letting it sit for a while.


oh interesting that might be a clue,
are you collaborating in these spaces? Did you open them with multiple devices?

Some yes. Others, I had just created, switched to another space, and then found truncated strings when reopening the space.

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I just noticed in my screenshots that the discrepancy was not a truncation issue. My one browser window (Safari Technology Preview) had Questions/discussion, which is what I originally wrote and this was the browser where I wrote it.

In another window of Safari Technology Preview, the name was Questions/dic. So “scussion” was removed and replaced with a “c”.

This space did have collaborators, but they were not actively or intentionally editing anything.

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So the more I investigate this it’s looking more and more like this is related to server performance hiccups due to increasing use of kinopio, and not related to the size of the actual space (saving and updating cards is an atomic operation that’s independent from the space itself).

After the current crop of new features are complete, I’ll take some time to re-investigate db performance improvements and maybe buying a bigger server

low key flex :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Doesn’t look like this worked, I’m still getting broken lines.
https://kinopio.club/wings-unlimited-map-import-KZPFAnSW7fjEM2uSwbG4c had a bunch during editing, and I just saw a few opening it now. Kinopio was great for this btw, we were mapping a system of phone menus as part of an ARG thing. (It didn’t end up going anywhere)
There are also offset connectors on https://kinopio.club/5TQfh_3_3RI-q8tk1cxmV


If you reload the page does it fix the connection lines? Ya it still needs work tho

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It does not fix them, they are like that on page load. The only thing that fixes them is wiggling the attached cards.