Misc console errors during multiplayer session

Hi, I don’t have exact repro steps, so I know it’s probably not super useful, but wanted to document some errors I saw while I was collaborating with my team and users were creating and moving cards.

Some random anecdata:

  • I experienced a few times when I clicked on a card, and it instantly disappeared
  • Some cards I could not select or move, painting went under the card. This was fixed after a reload.
  • I saw a card wiggling as if someone was clicking and holding it, but pretty sure they weren’t continually doing that. Reload cleared that up.
  • A clump of cards are in the upper-left part of the canvas (I assume 0, 0 coordinates) and really hard to move away.
  • From a separate computer, I can’t load this space. I am getting this error.

is the space still loadable?

as part of a performance update, I’ve rewritten a lot of that code so it may incidentally be fixed tomorrow when i ship it

I tried just now to load on the separate computer (Safari Tech Preview) and I got the same errors as in the above screenshot (Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError, …)

I went in manually and deleted the entry for the space in my LocalStorage. Then I could load the space.

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eep, I’ll look into this soon too - thx

added a potential fix for the console errors that might prevent the observed issue. lmk if observed again

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