More pronounced visual hierarchy for headers (korean)

I find that it’s not that clear to distinguish between h2, h3 and unstyled text, especially when Recoleta is not available. And when Recoleta is not available, I mostly mean when languages using non-Latin characters are used.

I’d like to propose that header text size be increased and that a bolder font weight be used for h2 and h3 as well.


h1, h2, h3 and unstyled in simplified Chinese on Windows

h1, h2, h3 and unstyled in Korean on Windows

Link to example space if you want to play with the CSS or add other languages
It actually looks better on macOS - the default fallbacks for serif fonts have more contrast


another approach is that i may be able to specify a different fallback font for different languages. eg

font-family: regular stuff, [a korean system font that'll handle korean characters], monospace

do you have a recommendation/screenshots for an alternate korean/chinese system font that would work here as a drop in replacement?

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