More space list filter options

in addition to just filtering to view journals, others have requested the inverse, seeing all your non -journal spaces

but possibly this is a use case that can be better addressed by favoriting your own specific spaces (which pins them to the top of the list).

Possibly this could be added in the ui through nesting a filter options menu that provides multiple choices, but this presents more noise/complexity for new users.

If you’d use this, let me know what specific scenarios you’d use it for

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  • Sorting/filtering by visibility (Open, Public Read Only, Private) would go a long way.
  • Sorting by created date would be useful to find spaces that you sorta have an idea when you created them

Love created date, having ways to revisit and bring back old spaces in some form or fashion would be great.

And obviously +1 for the inverse to see non-journal spaces. As an aside, I wonder if the current button could have three states:

  1. Eye Open - Journals only
  2. Eye Halfway Closed - All
  3. Eye Fully Closed - non-Journals only

I don’t think you need to nest anything in the UI, but just have it rotate through the three states.

(Calling what you currently have as the icon for “All” as “Eye Halfway Closed”)


“+1 for the inverse to see non-journal spaces.”

Another +1


updated space filters is coming soon

update: just released it, lmk how it goes

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View on iPad currently.

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Appearing fixed for me already.

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let me know if you see it again, this might occur only at some pinch zoom levels on ios


I already know the end result of this will be confusing to users…. But for the space list filter (All vs Journals vs Spaces), I think it would be cool to include the current days space in the Spaces filter.

Basically, I always want to keep my space list filtered to Spaces but still have visibility to todays journal. Like I said, probably super confusing to implement and explain to people, but I think it’d go a long way, especially now that we can hide spaces, to reigning in the space list.

A keyboard shortcut to go to todays journal would solve this as well (but both would be cool still.)

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Maybe instead of these you could use the journal url to jump to today. You might even be able to find a browser extension that lets you tie a bookmark to a keyboard shortcut