Moving cards with links

via an email from Nikita

I was wondering if you could consider a usability improvement request, in case there is some extra time to spare.

I have noticed that when you try to move a card with a link in it, the link is automatically opened once you finish drag-n-drop. You need to very precisely grab a thin border around the card in order to move it without opening a link. It would be great if moving the card would prevent the default browser action (which is opening the link).

I have attached a video showcasing the problem.

Thank you for your amazing work on Kinopio!



I’ve seen a similar behavior with my cards that only have tags. They are nearly impossible to move on iOS. Essentially as soon as you drop them somewhere, they go back to the start and open the tag dialog.

I’ve found workarounds for myself because it’s not a huge deal (select another card near it to be the dragging anchor point), but figured I’d mention it with this report.


this may already by fixed for cards w markdown links

Untitled, also tested w dragging cards w long tags by the tag and should be good there too