Moving Locked Cards

It’d be nice to be able to drag around a locked card by the lock without changing the z-index!

Re-positioning them can be a bit tricky if there are other cards on top.


This may not be so necessary if there’s a keyboard shortcut to lock/unlock cards. Then you could use the shortcut to unlock dragging, make your changes , and then lock it again

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How would you indicate which card you want to unlock? Hover over it?

I think this use case is really common. That is, you have a locked card, and you want to position it while seeing it behind other cards. The typical reason to lock a card is so you can have other cards go on top, so it makes much more sense to be able to see it that way when moving it.

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Also when you drag a card, at least right now, it moves the card to the top. A key part about dragging-by-the-lock is that the z-index would be unchanged.


Yes, thanks for emphasizing that aspect, @Charles.

Also, sometimes the lock icon might be occluded. Other ways this could work: some keyboard modified click drag (like Alt-drag or Opt-drag) so you can grab any area of the locked card. I know this wouldn’t work on mobile, but maybe there, it could be long press? Just throwing it out there.

One more thing, I think typically, once you lock a card, you want to keep it locked. You might want to reposition it, but you want to keep it behind other cards. Converting a locked card back to a normal one is much less common (at least in my intuition currently).