Notifications are wrong?

I’m getting erroneous notifications (and emails). For example, I got these notifications saying some others added some images to my space, but they were ones that I had added:

I’ll add any additional information if I find it. This happened in another space as well (with text).

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I got the same error in my space tpp.

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Ya I’m looking into it , can also repro. I released a fix for it a couple hours ago but it may not have fixed the root cause. Can you let me know if you’re still seeing it?

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More details I found lately:

  • my space is in the ‘Explore’
  • And I found my space allows public edit

so I think it’s maybe the public edit trigger those notifications. I locked my space now. And yeah, I will update here if I still got wrong notications.

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Thanks liaa! That’s my working theory too. I’ll be investigating this more tomorrow

alrighty, just released a new patch to ensure that the user who sends the notification also has to have explicitly edited the card. Let me know if this problem reoccurs for new notifications


thanks for the fix – I am seeing this currently, but not sure if it is residual from prior to the fix?

Two things:

  1. The notification indicates @xea added the I'm a Spirit person card. However, I created that card a long time ago, and according to the UI, I am the one who last edited it too.
  2. Oh, I just realized the first notification is telling me there was a notification in this space. I was about to report that it is missing data. So, nevermind :slight_smile:
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hmm ya that notification was created on 2021-01-30 22:18:25.999+00 so potentially right on the edge of the fix :slight_smile: