Nya's card ended up in my private space

Something weird happened here…

I have a private space that I created this morning. At some point, when I came back to it, I noticed one of @anyalikhitha’s cards in the space. It seems like that belongs in her fortune space, because it is currently missing…


Gasp. I have been sent here to investigate! As much as I’d like to believe Nya has some magick fortune telling abilities and powers that comes with it… this seems fishy…

True enough, that card is missing from my space! Thanks for the spots!

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But am also lowkey laughing so hard at the words appearing next to coffee stuff. This is peak cat choosing kibble over coffee.


nya can have the card back… (•-•)⌐ (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆


oh whoa, I need to look into this asap

I just checked the space and it appears that the card is now there, did y’all add it back?

is it still in your private space @bentsai? If so can you give me the cardid (get from data-card-id=.. it by web inspecting the card)

I added it back! So no, it didn’t return :face_with_monocle:

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Also @bentsai do you remember if you had visited/seen the fortune space before going to your own one? (whether directly before, or any time before). Do you remember if clicked on this card when you visited the space? Or if you added some other cards to the space?


I def visited the fortune space before, the day it was first created. I don’t remember if I visited it today before this finding.

The first time I saw the misplaced card was in my space.

I did not add any cards to the fortune space. I don’t have permissions.

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I just remembered the other day I saw @kordumb’s presence indicator in one of my private spaces. I found that startling but I think it may have cleared up after I reloaded. But seems germane to this bug

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are you able to get me the card id of the card that showed up?

       "id": "2xJSoEQI93rc5AfIIp0rm",
       "x": 227,
       "y": 680,
       "z": 74,
       "name": "https://us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/kinopio-uploads/2xJSoEQI93rc5AfIIp0rm/-Almost-Daily-Cat-Fortune-2-.png\n\n",
       "frameId": 0,
       "isRemoved": false,
       "nameUpdatedAt": "2021-04-07T15:46:42.322Z",
       "nameUpdatedByUserId": "Qka_E-GObP0YUrthejPeO",
       "linkToSpaceId": null,
       "commentIsVisible": false,
       "createdAt": "2021-04-07T15:46:38.081Z",
       "updatedAt": "2021-04-07T16:49:10.859Z",
       "spaceId": "Hd0cYrmpOuqMPK3xYXYBa",
       "userId": "Qka_E-GObP0YUrthejPeO"

I’ll DM a gist of the whole JSON that I pulled 19 hours ago (when the card was there).

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Spent a while investigating this, I couldn’t repro, but this led me to a couple fixes (if you feel like more details: investigation and fix below)

investigation notes

relevant ids

cardid: :credit_card: 2xJSoEQI93rc5AfIIp0rm
incorrectSpaceId: :no_entry: Hd0cYrmpOuqMPK3xYXYBa
correctOriginSpaceId: :milky_way: STl6aEpylurXADC9LftMC (Private → Closed, never Open)
userId: :white_check_mark: nya Qka_E-GObP0YUrthejPeO
incorrectUserId: :no_entry: ben 6o4sjl9-M222hkJ4Ne-t4

:clock10: card timeline (server logs)

apr 7
3:46 create bucket policy for img upload
3:46 create card w correct spaceid
3:46 update card w correct spaceid
3:47 çard connected to

4:46 card updated with z and spaceid to incorrectSpace
no auth or user in logs

“msg”: ":heart_decoration: operation updateCard {

incorrectuserId visited space, maybe clicked card, somehow it got updated, and to the wrong space

4:49 updatecard x,y,z , still in incorrectSpace
7:25 card removed

This lead to fixes for related issues:

  • :no_entry: SERVER shouldn’t have let the user change the card in the space they couldn’t edit

    • :white_check_mark: validate userIsCollaborator() FIXED a potential issue with spaceUserId comparison to requestingUserId
  • :no_entry: CLIENT shouldn’t show broadcasts from users not in the current space

    • :white_check_mark: CLIENT presence receipt checks visitor.spaceid against currentspaceid (doesn’t assume server is always right)
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great to see you put in some checks to prevent this :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’d be worthwhile some point to get some folks together to pound on multiplayer with a focus on finding edge cases/bugs…tho this case wasn’t because of heavy multiplayer use. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I can’t tell if this is related or not, but it does involve seeing a card in my space that doesn’t belong…

this just happened, I was browsing your Life Tasks space. Then I navigated to one of my spaces, and I saw one of your cards briefly in my space. It quickly disappeared as the space finished loading/rendering, so it felt like just a timing thing of rendering. I navigated back to your space just to confirm what I saw. btw, it was this card:


that’s not the bad part, though…then I hit Back to go to my space, and I saw a different card in my space. This time, it stayed. And I could sorta interact with it. I clicked on the arrow link thing and it opened the image up. when I hit back, causing a reload, the card then disappeared. but if I hadn’t reloaded, I’m pretty sure it would have just stayed there.


Incidentally, I am seeing these JavaScript errors whenever I paint on the canvas. I don’t know if it’s related.


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on my end , my Life Tasks space isn’t missing any cards so this appears to be a separate issue. I just released a small patch that might address the null errors, which may fix this issue (my guess is card data from the previous space didn’t clear because of a cascading effect from a card rendering error in the new space)

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that sounds consistent with what I saw. yeah, the card wasn’t missing from your space, it seemed like it was remaining there because I had switched spaces, basically what you said…

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