Occasionally cards jump when moving them

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that occasionally, when I’m dragging cards around, their position will all-of-a-sudden jump.

I don’t see any errors in the console.

I can repro it if I select a bunch of cards and drag it around. Maybe after 30-60 seconds, it usually happens.

I have noticed it more when others are collaborating in a space, but I can repro alone as well.

just to clarify, this happens when you’re performing the same drag operation for 30+ seconds. e.g. you hold down the mouse button, move the mouse around for 30+ seconds, and then release the mouse button?

during this time is the drag happening near any of the edges of the browser window?

Yeah, when I’m dragging (mouse down), sometimes the cards will jump (seems like the x, y gets set to some random value). At that point, I’m still dragging. Often it feels like it forgot the last second I dragged, so it feels like it puts the cards back to where they started (or where they were).

I don’t see any correlation with being near the edge of the window. It’s usually not near the edge.

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Two related things I’ve noticed…

  1. When on mobile and I drag a card that just contains a tag, as soon as I “drop” it in it’s new location, it jumps back to it’s original location and opens the tag dialog. Seems to ignore the move and treat the drag as just tapping the tag.

  2. Dragging a group of cards to the top or left-hand side smooshes them together. So if they start aligned in a column, moving them up, hitting the edge, collapses them to where they are all basically stacked on top of each other.


Here’s a video of it happening.

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Thx v helpful,

This might have been fixed in the upcoming boxes release, let me know if you see this again after that ships

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That video is from staging yesterday afternoon, so unless you changed something since then, it’s probably still there :slight_smile:

a potential fix for this is now in the box beta, let me know if you still experience the jumping there

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I saw this today during my collab session in production. I’ll try to gather more details or repro again and reopen this if so.