Offline, local storage support?

My company’s IT department is blocking some websocket requests, and some domains. I’m frequently get interrupted on saving my notes on kinopio. I;m afraid one day I’ll get completely blocked from this great tool /facepalm. I wonder if offline is an option, will consider support it, so I can sync my notes/stickers with dropbox/github repo etc.

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I don’t believe this is on the roadmap.

Pirijan previously answered some related questions here: Support for owning the data (complete privacy)

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that said, there is a sort-of workaround.

If you can at least access at work you can use kinopio without an account, which will only save your data to the browser’s localstorage. And then periodically export your spaces to your real account as json files to keep them safe. It’s kind of a pain though :frowning: