Overcast URL Previews

Not sure if it’s something you can actually control or adjust, but when I add an Overcast link in Kinopio, the URL preview image is the app icon. If I add the same link in Raindrop, they are able to pull the cover art of the podcast instead, which is preferred.

This is probably only a feature for me, so I get it might not be something worth even looking into, but if possible and easy, it’d be nice.

Link in Kinopio:

And Link in Raindrop:


Will look into , I might have my hands tied for now but we’ll see :slight_smile:


can you send me an example overcast url that i can test against?

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is it in the format: https://overcast.fm/+R7DWXUcoU ?


Yeah, here’s another one I found [on @kordumb journal]( Wednesday Oct 13/21 – Kinopio):

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btw are you seeing a discord image preview for this? I see an empty square:

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 12.43.01 PM


I see this Discourse:

In Discord:

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Thanks Ben! Pirijan let me know if you need anything else.

If it is a pain to get updated don’t stress about it. It’s a very small thing in the grand scheme of things for my journals.

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in the short-term, I’ll contact linkpreview about this issue – and on differentiating favicon images from content ones.

some research on alternative services, it’s slim pickings out there:

current url usage = 60-100/day

[current] linkpreview.net - $8/mo

  • in many cases, no differentiation bw site image and article/content image
  • can’t get img dimensions before loading unless I pay for a higher plan
  • article/content image not always available (eg overcast)
  • good customer support though

:x: https://microlink.io - $16/mo

:x: https://link-previews.stephanbogner.de - n/a

  • passes the overcast test
  • not available as an api, more as a hobby thing

:white_check_mark::moneybag: https://www.peekalink.io - $30/mo, although I may be able to use the free plan of 100 requests an hour

  • shitty captcha to login
  • passes the overcast test
  • no customer support

:white_check_mark::clock3: build it myself, server-side - free, except my time

considering the options out there, it might make sense to build a parser myself?



  • url preview caching (for the session)
  • parses oembed, other standards
  • maintainance. The main reason I’d rather use a service for this.
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Based on all of that, I’d probably stick with what you have. Was overly optimistic and naive hoping you could somehow customize where overcast links pull the image from.

I don’t think it’s worth tripling the cost or building yourself, unless it becomes something you actually want to work on.

Appreciate you taking the time to look into though!

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Are the Twitter preview lengths configurable?

I don’t mind that longer ones get cut off, but it feels like it could probably show a little bit more…?


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Should I display the whole tweet?

(just like w overcast it looks like my access to the metadata like user pic is limited :frowning: )

updated to display complete tweet length

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 9.59.00 AM

(i really am chomping at the bit to build my own link preview system because this service, and the other ones i researched, suck. The old adage: “if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself” def applies here )


this looks promising though: https://iframely.com/docs/iframely-api (despite the name, they can return json data that appears correct/complete)


have an update in the works



This is amazing. What’d you end up doing to get it working like this?


this is with using the iframely api instead :slight_smile:

what do you think of truncating the tweet/description on the card face and having to click the card for the whole thing?


I’m okay with truncating tweets, I just feel like they were getting cut off a bit too soon, but I agree that full, long tweets are probably a bit much in the preview.

~Four lines feels right to me.

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I do like the idea of clicking the card to see the whole tweet vs having to follow the link though.


silently shipped it out, let me know how it goes. I don’t think it should affect your old url cards