Pasting an image into an empty card and clicking away stops the upload

This seems like a bug — when I paste an image into an empty card I very frequently click away to start doing something else before the upload is finished. I think clicking away from an empty card removes the card so then the image never appears. It seems better to keep the card and show the image when the upload is finished.


I’ve seen this too—thanks for reporting it!


By ‘paste’ do you mean drag and dropping a file from your computer, or pasting an existing image url?

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Drag and drop from computer. The card disappears when you interrupt the upload. I’ve seen it on mobile and desktop.


i can’t repro this on ff, vivaldi or safari. When i drop and upload and create another card and type in it, the upload is not interrupted:


(tried the same with other file formats/video as well)

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I just reproduced this on the mac app by pasting an image URL into a card and quickly clicking away. The card disappears.

Another interesting thing is, the image URL I was pasting was already one hosted on Kinopio. In other words, I just used an image I had already drag and dropped into Kinopio (in linodeobjects).

Can you only get this in the app? (Logs would be helpful)

Can you repro still w drag and drop?


I reproduced this by pasting an image from my clipboard (not a URL).

I can’t reproduce this by dragging and dropping. I may have been wrong about being able to do this in my initial post.

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np, can you give me a bit more info about how you do this so i can repro?

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Sure, I have an image in my clipboard (from -Shift-4, e.g.).

  1. Click on space to create card
  2. Paste image into card.
  3. Immediately click away from card to close the edit dialog.
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Yes, I get this bug when pasting image data into a card. Firefox on Windows.

I have a feeling that drag’n’drop is a bit more common for Mac people, whereas on Windows we copy and paste more often.

So for me this happens if I right-click copy an image on a web page tab, change tabs to kino, click to make a card, paste, then click away.

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