Personal Templates - Far Far Far Future

Just an idea I was thinking about to expand on the Daily Journal idea and the new templates you created.

It might be cool to have a few templates of my own and be able to select “New Journal” or “New Meeting” or “New Morning Pages” and have all of the preset cards I personally like to carry over along with a standardized name I could setup in advance.

I know I can create my own spaces to use as templates and copy from, but finding the space and then creating the copy and naming is a little bit tedious.

The work to make this happen probably far exceeds the benefit at this point, but just wanted to capture the idea somewhere.


Yeah… I use Kinopio to MindMap my program-flow, variable, class,…
So I need a Personal Template for no need to create new tags, new connections every time I create a new Space for my new Program…

My Example Space

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Hi @TaQuangKhoi! (welcome to the forums :)).

That’s an interesting idea. Regarding the tags, if you’ve created the tag before, it should show up in the tag dialog (when you type [[). Is that not happening?

For connections, I can see how recreating the same connection types would be tedious. You are using the same connection types across spaces, which is interesting and makes sense in this case…

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Hi @TaQuangKhoi

To build off of what Ben mentioned, you can create your own template space in a way.

Create a new space, add what you’d want to be in the template, add “Template” to the name (and remember not to accidentally edit it). Whenever you need to use the template, go to that space, click the Name in the top left, choose “Export” and then “Duplicate Space”.

It’s a couple extra clicks, but should do the job just fine. You can also click the heart at the bottom so it shows up in your favorites for quicker access.

If you need any help getting started let me know.


Yes, I see many tags from other spaces… Thank you… :star:

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Good idea…!! Thanks you all very much…


A question in the side way here: If one have a good template that might help others, could you not share it with @pirijan and he might decide to make the template public?


I plan on addressing this need in a different way with being able to tag/label/group your own spaces in the future


that said, yes do plz share with me templates that you think would be applicable/adaptable for everyone


I will, thanks for the opportunity. <3


almost finished this up, will ship this tmrw morning


this is live now

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So cool feature. Thank you. <3

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