Petition: Say no to card overlap counts!

When I first saw them I thought ?? oh interesting??? neat?? But now they’re bothering me a bit.

I think it’s kind of in-your-face and doesn’t really match the rest of the design ethos. When cards are partially overlapping, it’s already apparent! I can see it! I don’t need to be told, Kinopio!

I have spaces which I created with intentional overlap, and the number count is interfering with the presentation a little bit.

I would also like to note that I’ve seen confusion around the numbers when new users see them. The numbers are kind of mysterious (unclear what they’re for), yet prominent.

When should there be an overlap count?

I don’t see why there has to be a count by default unless a card is fully hidden under another card. Then the number can be visible? Or can the card overlap numbers be toggled on and off, similar to how 1, 2 and 3 toggle authors, dates and filters?

If you agree, please sign the petition here:

Blobs Against Overlaps


If everyone wants the option to toggle it off and no one wants to use it, I can also just remove the overlap feature entirely

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I actually like it because sometimes there is a card hidden behind others and I also find it useful for moving the stack of cards. But I am open for different solutions :).


Would the indicators lose their irl effectiveness for you if you had to turn them on (eg through the filters menu or press ‘5’)?


No. That would be perfectly fine with me. I trust you that you will choose the best solution, be it making them optional or removing them. I just think there should be a way to:

  • See that there are overlapping cards (if one is hidden behind another)
  • Move all overlapping cards at once.
    However, I leave solution completely on you :).
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v helpful thx,

so assuming it was optional, are there specific scenarios or times when you’d want to/remember to turn them on?

My side-worry is that this is very much an out-of-sight/out-of-mind kind of feature: if you don’t see it you’ll forget that it exists and not use it irl. what do you think of this @CatoMinor ?


It sounds like the situation where you want this is when one card entirely occludes another. Otherwise you can always peel the pile apart.


Yeah, this is my main use case because I just want to ensure I haven’t lost cards behind others.


Everybody has good points here. The main use for me is really to see whether something is hidden, to rearrange it and to grab all cards. So there could be possible alternative solutions, e.g.:

  • Show an icon only when one card hides another one (number is not important). (this solves the first problem and mainly also the second)
  • Maybe when shift-click, select the card on which it was clicked + all overlapping cards? (this solves the second and the third problem)

As a first step I can change the overlaps to only indicate if a card is Fully covered by another card, that might solve every thing irl


Probably yes :).


just shipped an update that only displays overlap indicator if the card is fully overlapped by another



Yeah, this feels right to me. Love it when a feature comes to its full realisation down the road. Whaddya think @jordanne? :slight_smile:


Yep, looks good! Update from Blob Town.