[planning] Card Lists

Based on previous threads/requests I did some planning around grouping cards. This open space includes references, use-cases, goals, and two proposed designs.

Comment cards welcome. Also if you :black_heart: the space, you’ll be able to follow it for updates.

I probably won’t be able to build this for quite some time, but the earlier the feedback the better the end-product will be


I added a design idea with a lil video mockup.

I think that it’d work well for cards to be able to stack and be moved as groups.
Moving the top card would move the whole stack. Cards could be dropped in anywhere and be pulled out, but I don’t have the time to make a mockup for that. :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you think?

A very neat idea and a very cool video!

I wonder if groups mean stacks tho? The downside of this approach is that to gain the benefit of moving things together as a group you’d have to have them all be stacked together (so you’d lose spatial relationships and maybe connections)


Hmm, isn’t that what tags are for then? Maybe add a select all cards with tag button for easy moving.


If most of the use cases for grouping are met with sticking things together than in def in favor of building on this approach. How do you foresee ungrouping things working?

One of the changes I’m making on mobile later is that you have to drag and hold before you can drag cards. So hold and drag away might not work for ungrouping?

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Either just dragging cards out or having a button that just turns the stack of cards into
this kind of thing. (Cards aligned vertically with space in between.)


Makes sense. Super promising :slight_smile:

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this is a cute and awesome mockup – how did you produce it? :slight_smile:

OMG that mockup video is so great, I am watching it on loop.

to me, stacks are a specific type of group because it the cards are strictly serial. but it feels like this covers a lot of use cases for groups. you do lose spatial relationships, but that might be a more rare use case. I don’t see why you would need to lose connections.

I love this concept. it accomplishes a lot: it lets you tightly organize cards, prevents them from overlapping, makes it easy to manipulate the group. you could style the upmost card in some conventional way to communicate a group title.

really dope @easrng!

2021-04-19 update

I’m going back and forth on this. I observed how I was creating small groups of cards in my various spaces. I now think this is quite common (taking back what I said about “more rare use case”), and I wouldn’t want to use this stack grouping for those uses.

I still think the concept is super dope and I would probably grow into finding ways to use it, but the beauty of Kinopio is how easy it is to rearrange cards. I often will make a list, but then soon thereafter pull one of those items somewhere else or move it to be next to another card, etc. in these cases, I would find a fairly “tight” stack limiting and tend not to use it.


I wrote a bookmarklet for this :slight_smile:

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capturing this here as a reference:

I created a fake informal stacked card group, my use case here was to supplement a picture with additional information

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 12.14.36 PM


Nested cards (one parent with multiple children) is a must. Having connector points for each (parent and children) will be cool too. @pirijan, your mock-up above is good enough. Any clues as to when this can be released?


hey nick,

I’ll be starting work on this will probably about two months from now at the earliest, there’s a couple other things on the roadmap that I need to do first :slight_smile:


Something going on with this? Just seen some new numbers that show overlapping cards:


oh ya i just shipped an overlapping card indicator :slight_smile:

it’s not specifically all the things requested for user-definable grouping, but it might address many of the needs here

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With the resizable image/video cards feature, you can hack groups. I’ll have to see how practical this is, but take a look:


I created a translucent image card and resized it to hold the cards in the group. If I want to move the group, I can tap the count button to select them all.

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I dropped some thoughts in the grouping space but wanted to bring them here for posterity as well:


Cool idea that would make things a little less messy.



i’m just here to add my vote for a grouping feature as briefly discussed on Discord.

I was thinking something “UI easy”, like how photo editing and wireframe software like Balsamiq (my role model for well impleneted grouping) do it.
Just “CTRL-G” to group and “CTRL-SHIFT-G” to ungroup, or an extra button “Group / Ungroup” in the context menu when selecting.

Basically the “minimum viable grouping” :wink:
To me, a group “just” needs to behave like a selection of multiple cards, i.e. when you move them, they keep their relative position to one another.
I wouldn’t even need a visual indicator. It’s OK to find out a card belongs to a group just by moving it.
To me it’s the one feature that would make me upgrade.
At the moment I super love Kinopio to quickly get my thoughts out and scribble a quick first version. But I find myself using something else for the real planning and work. It’s just to easy to pull a card out of context by mistake.

Apart from that, please keep it up, I’m happy to have found Kinopio!


Thanks sts, that makes sense. I hope to work on this soon :slight_smile: