Possible Sync Indicator

On iOS I occasionally go through periods of time where sync can get a bit sketchy for me despite not getting the little rotating circle thing next to the space name or the red box in the bottom left.

Hoping there might be a place to check to confirm changes are synced to the server especially during times I’m doing a lot of changes and updates at once.


How do you realize you’re not in sync if you’re not seeing those indicators? Do you check with another device?

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The next day when I go back to the space everything is gone… occasionally I’ll see cards and tags that are cut off too. So [[2022]] shows up as [[202]] or other issues like that. But it’s the bigger stuff where it seems like an entire session is wiped that I’m more worried about.

For example: last night I added ~10 cards to the below space, added :star2: to ten existing cards, and reordered everything. This morning when I went into it, only two of the ten new cards were there, both in the upper left corner (not where I placed them), one of which was cut off (the last couple characters missing), and all of the positioning of the existing cards reverted back and none of the :star2: were there.