Presence - ambient desk-like spaces - cool use case

Yo friends,

I read this cool blog post today by @muan about using FigJam as an ambient+async online desk-like experience: (second half of the post)

I think this would be really fun in Kinopio too.

I’d really love to have a group like this with some folks but not many people I know IRL are this… whimsical?

Just sharing the post because I think the kpo crowd will enjoy it.

Share your thoughts :blush::loud_sound:


I totally love this and vibe with this idea. I’ve wanted to do something like this, but failed to find the right crowd (for example, tried with my jobby-job folks, but it hasn’t stuck). Kinopio seems like a great tool for this as well :slight_smile:

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I just noticed the author talks about a communal puzzle game in their co-working space, which is something we’ve done here in Kinopio too :wink: Let’s do a puzzle together!

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Welp, I created one. Feel free to join:

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Funnily enough, I had this idea last year:

Ben’s new implementation is much better though.


Just to box this off; this didn’t work out for me, for one tech reason and one people reason.

Tech: web sockets only work on an allow-list basis on the machine I was using, so I can’t see any presence or live updates.

People: im in a very different time zone to you other guys :joy:

Will maybe try again in future on another machine with another cohort :grin: thanks everyone for going along with it.


is this because it’s a work machine? is there a way to get us on the allow list?

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