Publish RSS feed for a space

Here’s an idea that seems relatively easy to implement but very impactful: publish an RSS feed for a space where every card created is an item. This is like how current users can “subscribe” to a space by faving it (and get notifications when new changes are made), but this opens up that to the rest of the world!

This means you could use Kinopio as a micro-blogging engine. Then subscribers can consume your “content” in their RSS reader of choice. I think I would find this useful myself to view my own changes in a list format. Lots of possibilities with an RSS feed (you can use the feed to cross post to your own blog, you can slurp a space’s contents into other systems, etc.)

The entries can link back into the space and highlight the card, just like notification emails have.

Makes sense to have this for Public Read-Only and Open spaces.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:


How should editing and deleting of cards be handled?

Eg I add a card, then delete it- should that be on the feed?

Or if I edit an old card?

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If you delete a card, I think it should be removed from the feed.

If you edit an old card, I think it should edit the original item.

I’m looking at this from the micro-blogging use case. Maybe my answers will change once I discover other use cases.

Would this be equivalent to using the api to GET the cards in a space, ordered by date?

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Yep, it would be straightforward to do this myself on Glitch (e.g.). GET the cards ordered by date, the write it/transform it into RSS format :slight_smile: Don’t have time at the moment

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The broader the use cases , the more it makes sense for that to be built in. It’s not the hardest thing to add tho

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This isn’t something that’s remotely feasible or worthwhile, but I watched this video about how Manton has created a way to post to through Drummer and it made me wish there was an easy way to update my blot blog from my kinopio journals.

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Maybe I’m missing something, but this would be quite feasible if we can get a published feed of cards in a kinopio space. For, you would copy that feed URL and paste it into Account > Edit Feeds & Cross-Posting

I would expect that then to add a post whenever the Kinopio feed gets updated. And this is exactly the kind of integration I was thinking would be useful :slight_smile:

For, yes. For Blot, which is based on text files in Dropbox, not so much.

I’m sure there’s a way to make a script that reads RSS and drops in text files (beyond me, atm), but there’s also the complication of everyday being a different space, and then there are the default cards I have in each space I’d want to ignore.

Edit: to be clear, I don’t think these are problems worthy of pirijan’s time. Mostly just spitballing based on the rss idea plus what I’ve been seeing with Drummer.

i want to focus on problems like this in ways that I provide the primitives (a list of cards), and let others adapt them to their specific need

in terms of addressing timeliness, do ppl still use webhooks? In theory maybe there could be a webhook that sent an update to a url you specified every time there was an update to a card. Using that you could build an app that kept in sync w a space.

Alternatively to that is things like zapier, ifttt integrations, do non-enterprise ppl use these though?

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I think both publishing an RSS feed and implementing a webhook are great primitives that people can use to compose new things.

I don’t hear much about these tools these days. I used to use them personally but stopped a while ago.

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bump - working on this rn


got something in the works

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so I’ll have the feed meta tag for a space update to specify the feed path, but wondering if I should have some ui around this. i.e. Share → RSS or something?

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alrighty here’s how to get your space feed

for public spaces

for private spaces,

you’ll need to supply your user apiKey as a query string.

(Not sure if I’m going to promote this too much because passing apiKeys around is a tad risky.)

let me know how it goes

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Awesome, starting to subscribe to some.

Any ideas about making the updated card message more useful? maybe updated: <new card name>?

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Makes sense , do you want the ‘updates’ in the article title or the description?

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The article title. But when I look at the feed now, it looks like that is already the case? Or maybe the description always says “updated card” in both new and edited states?

so I’ll have the feed meta tag for a space update to specify the feed path, but wondering if I should have some ui around this. i.e. Share → RSS or something?

I think it’d be cool to have in the Share menu.

I wonder if you can introduce a different to allow for read-only access to the private space. That way, you don’t risk exposing your root API key. I think this is kinda related to the feature request to have a way to share private spaces without giving people write (collaborator) access. (Ability to share a private space for others to view)

share -> rss dialog in progress

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alrighty , cards in your feed will be prefixed with either [new] or [updated] if their name was changed anytime 5 mins after they were created.

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