Pull in Linked Cards

Full disclosure: my Kinopio usage has been a bit limited due to life so I haven’t had a chance to really dig into Card Links across spaces yet, so apologies for being greedy, but…

Being able to pull a card link into a space without leaving the current space would be wonderful.

Example: I’m in today’s journal space and I want to pull in a few tasks from a Task hub space. Rather than go to the Task hub, if I could magically find those and get the links while still in today’s journal space, it would be amazing.

Few ideas since I know this isn’t an easy problem.

  1. The “All Spaces” search could maybe have a copy icon next to each card to give you the link.

This isn’t perfect since you can’t really limit the space you are searching so it could still be a bit tedious, but feels better than nothing…

  1. If I link to a space, maybe clicking it can list out the cards with copy icons to grab the link.

In both scenarios, if the copy icon could just paste the link into the current space automatically, I think that’d be awesome. It would probably create confusion since the copy icon does different things in different areas (so maybe a link icon [:link:] would work better instead), but I don’t think you’d ever want to copy a link through those two methods to paste elsewhere, it’d always be to go into the current space.


Love all the ideas