Regression: Middle-click to open auto-scroll

From Panning with Spacebar

Recently something changed with scroll behaviour:

Previously, middle-clicking in empty space brought up the Windows auto-scroll/omniscroll/scroll anywhere tool, but now it does a panning hand.

The difference is that the auto-scroll tool allows a gradual pan with no mouse movement (leave the mouse to one side of equilibrium and the system will continually scroll in that direction)

Now it requires multiple click-drag movements to scroll. Less ergonomic for me.

Since space bar and right click already do the hand thing, is there any harm putting middle-click back how it was? Worth asking…:slight_smile:

Thanks for consideration!


For reference here’s the original request for middle click panning,

That said, I’m inclined to agree with you here and will likely remove middle click to pan


just shipped an update to remove middle click to pan

It back, it work, I happy