Remove All --> Remove when just one item is selected

This is a super minor thing but I would suggest to change “Remove All” label to just “Remove” (or similar) when only one item is selected by the painting mechanics.
It would make more sense.

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Changing to always ‘remove all’ was an intentional change. Having the label/button change in size depending on how many things you select requires you to think about the context of your action in addition to the action. Having a consistent label in all contexts means you only need to consider your intended action, making the dialog feel less ‘smart’ in a good, albeit tiny, way

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I understand. I just paused for a short moment and thought: will it not delete all my cards? Maybe “remove selected” - but probably it is fine as it is :slight_smile:

Would it be clearer if it was just ‘remove’ in all cases? Whether 1 or many were selected ?

Maybe. Let’s see the opinion of others :). And it is a super minor thing - which is maybe not a thing at all.

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changed to ‘remove’ in all cases