Remove Background From Image

Not a super important thing, but if Kinopio had a built in background remover for images, it could be super useful for moodboards. Apple has this built into Photos now so it’s not high priority since it’s pretty easy to do, but I think it could go a long way with certain audiences.


best case scenario scope:

  1. function needs a place in the ui
  2. send the image to openai or some other service to process the img
  3. receive the new file and upload it , replacing the original file / url
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Yeah definitely more effort and complication than benefit.

I did find this though: GitHub - imgly/background-removal-js: Remove backgrounds from images directly in the browser environment with ease and no additional costs or privacy concerns. Explore an interactive demo.

So funny, I was just thinking about this this week. The same thought went through my mind about iOS already supporting this natively. It would be fun to be able to easily create “stickers “ in kinopio. Agree it might not be a worth the cost right now.


Exactly. I was showing my wife some collages I made for some marketing stuff and she immediately started showing me all of these instagram moodboards that use the sticker-type cutout images.

And it’s all doable natively on apple products whether it’s press and hold on the subject in Photos on iPad and dragging to Kinopio or right clicking an image in Photos on Mac to copy subject. But it’s adds a lot of steps and complication for certain types of users.

It may be bloat and overcomplicating Kinopio, but I could see a world where there’s light ~aesthetic~ photo editing: the dithering Tony shared, removing background, etc. to help people add personality to their spaces.