Request permission to edit (public) space


they send me a link to the [public] board with the assumption i can edit.

and what makes this a little extra painful is i probly just talked up the cool collab experience so they’re lookin at slack or discord and often miss my msg to send invite url

being able to send a notification email to the owner to request permission to edit could mitigate this issue


This introduces a potential abuse vector:

  • I change my name to ‘buy cool socks at’ , and spam spaces with invite requests.
  • the space users receive countless/many invite emails that way ‘buy cool socks…’ wants to join the space

Something similar happened with trello back in the day, I think they addressed it with rate limiting. Kinopio already has basic rate limiting so this might be an issue that’s ignorable for now, and easily adaptable too in the future if required.

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