Resize image card or have some overlay option

Images are a bit small for me sometimes to see the details, would be great to be able to individually resize for everyone or pop them up big for yourself. Of course you can zoom the browser.

This could also feed into a possible Present mode - where you can move between slides and those watching the presentation can live note take collaborative hanging thoughts from each slide.


regarding image resizing: Suggestions: image/gif resizing, font italics/bold/underline, some discussion there.

regarding presentation mode, I like the idea. I’ve used kinopio for presentations before and zoomed in and scrolled around. it wasn’t multiplayer, just a screenshare. what specific features for this use case were you thinking? what do you mean by “move between slides?” are you envisioning being able to specify an order of cards and a mode to bring the card to center and at a higher zoom level?

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It would be cool to yes layout the cards as a presentation and then using arrow keys jump between the cards in a sequence you decided could be via connections etc. So more like a traditional slide deck view but anyone watching can connect to same space and live add notations to each slide. Again just this idea of another type of view, of course the route of say “kinopio deck” as another app via API is also possible

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now that on mobile cards can only be dragged by long-pressing first, i’m now able to add resize without having to worry about (image) cards being too big for mobile screens. (everything’s connected) .

resizing image cards and overlays is something I’ll def look into in the future


This was shipped:)

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