Resize to fit card contents on one line

The request is a way that makes resizing cards to fit contents of a card onto one line. One proposal is to have double-clicking on the lower-right corner of a card do this. Currently, this resizes to the default card size. Perhaps both can be supported via toggle. (Discord)

For more context, I’ve identified different categories of cards I tend to make.

One is the header, often an h1, and I want that to not line break. Hence the request for the ability to resize to fit contents on one line.


Another kind is a shorter phrase or item card. This kind is served well by the current default size. You can see in the above example as well—the items under the “Product Management” heading.

A third kind is a sentence or two. This is when I’m expressing my thoughts in full sentences. Here is where having a larger card size would help a lot because the current size hinders readability.


In my latest use case of a presentation I had all of these. H1s for slide titles, normal cards for bullet points, and then sentence cards for my script/notes.

Having said all of this, another request would be to support a control that toggles between the current default card size (235 px is it?) and something wider. I could create another forum post for that, but wanted to mention it here because it is related.


one interaction i think might make sense is:

  • if the card has not been manually resized: double-click makes it try and get the text on one line (up to a maximum)
  • if the card has been resized: double-click resets the width (same as it does now)

Yeah, I think this is in line with what Ben and I were saying in Discord. If you do the action to reset, does it then treat it like a card that has not been resized? So you could double click again to try to fit to one line?

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Also, to add, I really like the “up to maximum” idea for automatic resizing.