Rss feed of explore spaces

an rss feed of explore spaces that updates when new spaces are added to it - maybe using json feed standard (is this widely supported yet?)


people can build their own integrations and visualizations, such as posting to discord when a space is added.

current moderation flow:

  • when a space is added to explore, I (the kinopio moderator) immediately gets an email which allows me to reject something posted erroneously (or maliciously, but that hasn’t happened yet).
  • of course I’m merely human so I can’t moderate things while asleep or afk


  • should there be a delay between when spaces added to explore, and when spaces visible in the feed? Or should spaces in explore immediately be in the feed? (the latter, would probably be less confusing for api users)

another consideration on the above is sometimes people accidentally add and remove their spaces from explore


I’d probably suggest a delay (1hr maybe) between being added to explore and being pushed out to the feed in case of accidental additions.