Search for Cards in Space

clicking a search result now closes the dialog

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Yes, usability of those buttons is one issue (it’s making the hit target of already small buttons even smaller), but also it kinda covers the count, so deters the readability. It seems awkward to cover up information like that.

The search in the Kinopio interface seems to want to find word fragments instead of the actual search string?

I modified this script slightly to make it easier to call repeatedly:

Thanks so much! This looks promising, but the one line var names make it hard to follow so I’d have to refactor that before using for maintainability/readability. Right now I think I’m just using this off the shelf lib: fuzzy - npm that does fuzzy matching, ranking, and matched string highlight - but of course it’s not always perfect.

So it’s not a drop in replacement, but I’ll def take a closer look when I have more time

EDIT: Oh I misunderstood, looks like this is for global search across all spaces. In that case, it might be easier to adopt


Hi @pirijan! That script is actually based on another one, which I thought you had written. However, I can’t immediately seem to find it in this thread, so will check my browser history and update links as needed. The main change was to make it a function so I could just just keep doing kfind("thing") instead of repasting the whole thing. Also, I’m a big fan of locality so I crushed it down a bit…

The reason why I did this: for whatever reason the default card search is pinging on individual letters of the search… So if I search for (say) “mda”, the results shown are things that include the letters “m”, “d” and “a”, in order, but not necessarily together. Very puzzling! On FireFox latest stable if that helps. Will be happy to supply more detailed information if you can’t replicate.

Thanks for taking a look!

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Found the ref! It was in the Kinopio help for searching: search snippet for kinopio cards · GitHub

If nothing else, that maybe has variable names you like better! (Since you wrote it!)


also reporting that I’m having this experience on Firefox (126.0) and it’s making search rather unhelpful, particularly when searching for cards that are URL based and when searching in spaces with many cards. IMO, in the screenshot below, the 2nd result should highlight “sha” and not the first s, and the 3rd card in the results shouldn’t appear at all. If it was possible to surround search terms in " " for exact matches, then the current implementation would be less of an issue.

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that’s a good idea, i’ll add " " parenthesis support for exact matching. any thoughts on whether the parenthesis search should be case sensitive?

I think my intuition is that it shouldn’t be case sensitive? eg. when using " " on google search it’s not case sensitive and same for obsidian’s " " search.


:articulated_lorry: shipped an update that fixes the matching. no brackets syntax required