Seeing Active Collaborators in a Space

From Discord :

i’d really like if i could see who is currently online on the board out of the collaborators

You can’t discern from the top of the display which collaborators are in the live in the space like you can with visitors. You can obviously see their cursors, but if they are off screen or not moving their cursor you wouldn’t know it.


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brainstormed some ways of showing this:

  • separate them like other users who are viewing the space → will make it less obvious who is an editor → maybe a different group from the visitors → but still a bit janky
  • change the smile to an eye or something → feels out of place
  • show something similar to the “you” box, but for people online, maybe with an eye icon
  • a dot indicator like on discord

would be the best to not add anything more visual there, because the navigation is getting a bit too much as pirijan said before, so the best is to group them separately


Last week I improved the offscreen positioning so you’ll more reliably be able to see when user cursors are offscreen.

Also for when they’re not moving the cursor, I can increase the amount of time it takes before their cursor goes away.

The more I think about this , the more i think it’s ideal to solve this in the space viewport than in the header icons

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shipped as part of the collaborators list