Select Cards + Copy → Text

I don’t know how clipboards work, but I was thinking it would be cool if you had a group of cards selected, if paste could work outside of Kinopio.

Currently you can select a bunch of cards, copy, and paste them into another space, but it seems only Kinopio can recognize them. What if outside of Kinopio the data could be pasted as plain text.

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Use-case: I’m currently designing a workflow to automate creating weekly spaces for work, which would then automatically get the next days meetings added and tagged every evening. (This will replace a workflow I have set-up that adds my agenda to the next days Roam Daily Note.)

This way I can take my meeting notes in the weekly space under the related meeting tag. The issue being getting out a specific meetings notes, which is a bit difficult today, but a shift + select + copy would completely solve my problem if the copied cards could be pasted as text in another app.

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This exists :man_facepalming:

Select → Press Copy button → Press Copy Content button