Selecting doesn't immediately work

I started noticing this behavior in this past few days. After creating some cards, when I go to select them, they don’t get selected. But if I wait a second, then it works.


I don’t see any errors in the console.

just to double check does quitting your browser (not just the window) and re-opening fix the problem? (i’ve seen similar w js caching weirdness)

I did an empty cache and hard reset and get the same behavior (Edge Dev channel). I also tried a new window in a different browser (Chrome) where I was not logged in.

Here’s another video of the problem. It looks like if I click on the canvas to invoke paint mode while editing the card, it doesn’t matter how long I wait. The card will never get selected until a let go and re-initiate the paint.


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okay looking into this thx, it hasn’t come up casually for me yet

alrighty, i was able to repro and just shipped the fix.

I also improved the speed of the bit of code that checks whether a card is selected, we’re talking milliseconds but maybe irl you’ll notice the improvement :racehorse: (esp in spaces with lots of cards)

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I see the same behaviour: Painting does not select nodes - at all, not even after waiting:

I am using Firefox 81.0.2 on macOS.

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@olav arg, looks like my optimization introduced a firefox bug related to the different way ff handles the visualViewport api – anyways, I just released a patch for that. grr browsers…

Thanks for letting me know and sorry about that * (シ_ _)シ

Awesome, it works again. Being able to select multiple nodes is so much more fun. Thank you :slight_smile:

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