Shift + Enter Not Working Sometimes

Running into an issue where Shift + Enter creates a new card down and to the right, but it does not create a connection anymore between the new cards.

Happens on and off for me, will try to see if I can find how to reproduce consistently and come back.


Hm is the space empty when you do this? Are there existing connection lines on the space?

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Here is an example:

It’s happened a few times. Reload (I think) usually fixes it. I believe it has happened both with there being existing connections and without (but I could be wrong).

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In case I can’t reproduce , can you let me know if you get any error messages in the console?

It’s on iPad (which is what I mostly use Kinopio on) but I’ll keep an eye and see if I can reproduce on Mac as well.

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just released a fix for this, let me know if the issue persists