Should tag colors be the same?

question about tag colors…I know from a data model perspective, each tag is a separate entity. but from the user’s perspective, it feels like when you add a tag with the same name as an existing tag, it is the same since you get an autocomplete. and as such, it seems like the tag should be the same color everywhere that name is used. generally, that is happening, but sometimes the colors get out of sync.

is the expected/desired behavior that tags with the same name are all the same color? if so, I’ve got a bug to report cos I’m seeing the color get reset to my user color when I create tags:)

is the expected/desired behavior that tags with the same name are all the same color? if so, I’ve got a bug to report cos I’m seeing the color get reset to my user color when I create tags:)

yup this is indeed a bug

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Hoping to bump this bug as it’s something I’d really love to see corrected.

I’m finding when the color changes it sometimes effects what shows up in the tag pop-up.

For example:

This space is my Daily Note for today and has the [[Daily Note]] tag, but the color reverted back in this space. If you click it, you’ll still see all the spaces with [[Daily Note]], but if you click [[Daily Note]] from a different space where the tag still has the updated color (like yesterday’s) you won’t see today’s note in the tag pop-up.

Getting tags fixed would be a huge win for me because I’m always nervous I’ll break something when the color reverts in one space and not another and this disconnect is created and I haven’t found a good way to correct.

Ah nevermind, I think the disconnect is created when the tag is created through prompts.

The color change doesn’t seem to be due to coming through prompts because some of the colors carried over. All of them show other spaces with the tag, but the space created with tags in the prompt doesn’t show up in any of the tag pop ups.

Hopefully that makes sense… struggling to make it clear and concise.


Just FYI,

The colors and references in today’s space seem to be corrected now.

However, creating a new space with the tags in the journal prompts results in the same issue of not showing up in the tag references pop up.

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ya inconsistent tag colors in diff spaces is a seperate bug for sure

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Yeah, apologies for conflating. Seemed connected until I dug a little further. Will create a new topic for tags created through journal prompt.

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I’m seeing the color get reset to my user color when I create tags

can you try this again now and let me know if you’re seeing color inconsistencies from new tags?

To repro I tried

  • go to another space w no tag instances
  • create a card with a tag

New tags should be the correct color in the picker and on the card/space.

You might have existing tags with inconsistent colors. to fix those ones:

  • open Tags in the footer
  • click the tag
  • change the color (this will update all the tags to use the same color going forward)
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It’s always been random (as far as I can tell) when colors revert for a tag or not.

I will keep an eye over the next week and report back if it occurs again.

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Yeah, it was always inconsistently reproduced. I tried your steps to fix, and that worked. I will also keep an eye on it over the next few days. Thanks, this one has bugged me :wink:

Still running into tag colors reverting. Tried force quitting and refreshing before testing.

[[TK]] and [[Sweet Paprika]] both reverted to my color:

Edit: but your fix does work

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when you typed the tags were they the correct colors?
if so, did the colors change to being incorrect after refreshing?

(if you’re able to send me a video of tag inputing that’d be super helpful too)


Emailed you a video. The colors show up correctly until you hit ENTER to choose it.


super helpful thx!

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It might appear in the video that the problem only exists when tags are chosen after arrowing down multiple steps, but in my extra testing that’s not the case.

I’ve been able to replicate the issue by typing out the tag completely, partially, arrowing down to select, and have had the color revert on occasion, but also have it work in all three scenarios too.


Just adding some anecdata. This is basically what I am seeing. Also on mobile. The color in the tag dialog is right. Then when I tap it to select, the wrong color shows up.


I’ve tracked down the issue and released a fix so that new tag colors prefer using the the color from the tagpicker. lmk if the issue persists after a refresh.

This doesn’t fix/change existing tags. A bigger backend tags rewrite is required to ensure perfect tag accuracy in all cases, but this should feel 99% accurate irl


Awesome. I don’t think you really need to worry about fixing existing tags since it seems like updating in one place updates all tags whether they are the same color or not.

I’ll keep you posted if I run into the behavior again though.


I ran into this again. I selected an existing tag in the tag browser, and when I committed the change, the color was reset to default.

Saw this in the logs:

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I’ve seen it as well. Probably going back to sometime last week, just never got around to reporting.

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