Simplified view - Feature ideas

I would like a simplified view you can toggle on that is focussed on collecting initial ideas. This would also work great for mobile devices when you just want to throw stuff into the bucket and then start to spatialise later. Could be a list of cards and quick create. Maybe only shows your cards.


I definitely vibe with this, have a similar desire, and have made related requests in the past. I think the use case of making it easier to collect initial ideas is a common and interesting one.

One way I could see it working is an interface like Trello where it’s quick to create cards and have them create a list/stack. This could be accomplished by writing a separate app that uses the API. If we’re talking about just quick capture, there’s the iOS shortcut method, or @kordumb has expressed the desire for a Drafts app action to add cards. We were recently talking about how the flexibility and lack of structure of Kinopio impedes the use case of “throw stuff into a bucket and then start to spatialise later.”

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Cool thanks - I did think about the API to do this, i do need to build a simple vue app against the. API, be good if there was some getting started with API guides using Vue or some example code from @pirijan on how he interacts with the data. Whats nice about Vue.js is you can build components that are basically different views of the same data.


Yeah this is something I thought about a lot.

I really wanted a way to be able to hop into Kinopio on iOS and immediately start typing.
But I’m torn between wanting to force Kinopio to be that tool vs letting Kinopio continue to play to it’s strengths and let other tools like Drafts and Roam be where I go for that immediate on-the-go capturing.

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but if we build our own app, we don’t have to make this tradeoff. Kinopio proper can continue to be what it is, and we can have our own on-the-go capture interface :slight_smile:

what would you want Kinopio Capture to do? Input field for entering a card. What else? Here’s a super rough mockup lol

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:100: that’s exactly why the api exists, and why I prioritized having a public api w docs very early on :smiley: , I hope people will extend kinopio for their own needs

(in the not too distant future, I plan on also recording card widths and heights, which’ll make placing new cards in a space easier)

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First of all… :star_struck::exploding_head::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::scream_cat:

Secondly, I need to sit with this, but I love this.

Created a space for this. Will hop in a little later.
Collaborator Link:

Great will take a look at that space.
I haven’t had a good look at the API yet or tried to interact with it. With other web stuff I have often hit CORS issues so do we know if this is all set up good for Kinopio.

Also I understand the public api is the same as the private api in terms of functionality so I am assuming a separate focus mode “app” / view could contribute to any shared space.

I’ve a related request to toggle only seeing your cards view. But can’t post another topic until
Tonight but will reference this post too.

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version 0.0.1 is online at

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