Slash command to create a new space


Is there anything on the roadmap along the lines of creating and linking to new spaces with slash commands? I just started using Kinopio and it’s the first thing that immediately jumped out to me. I want to be able to build things hierarchically, but it’s a little slow to create a space in the top left and then link to it where I want to. Or maybe if I could convert a card to a new space and link it in-place. Does that make sense?

Also, adding my own request/comment: it feels right to have it under / because that is currently how you link to an existing space. So it feels natural that you could also create a new space with that. But I also wanted to mention that, I know we’ve discussed having some command palette or slash command interface in general, so keep that in mind before overloading the /, in case we wanted it to be more general. That would mean reworking the current behavior so that you have to type something like /space to link to a space, for example.


I’d avoid /space

I’d probably keep / for linking spaces and creating a new one if no name matches.

Then use something different if the command palette becomes a thing like \ or >


I know this topic is ostensibly about creating a new space using the existing / that opens the space picker, but I wanted to make sure we had the future in mind before we further cement a particular syntax. (and maybe this topic becomes more general).

It has come up a few times where @pirijan is considering a general keyboard mechanism to trigger commands (aka command palette, slash commands).

Discord uses /<command> at the beginning of a line. It doesn’t work mid-message.

I’d like to avoid > becomes sometimes I use that to denote a quote.

The current slash is in the context of card contents. A command to create a new space in this context to me would mean: 1) create a new space, 2) let me specify the name, 3) put a link to that new space into the card, and 4) maybe navigate me to the new space.

In the past we also discussed a general way to create a new space that is not related directly to the current card or space.


Yeah I was just throwing out random suggestions.

I would say, though, that when you use > for quotes you probably include a space between the symbol and quote, right?

I use / all the time in Spaces without linking to things. The space basically breaks the Kinopio command and allows you to use the symbol.


how important is it that creating a new space be fully keyboard drivable?

when you type /, in addition to existing spaces to autocomplete there could be a + space button that you could click to go through a new space flow. The advantage of that is you could create new spaces with space characters.

alternatively just typing / and some other name could create a space v fluidly, but you’d have to use -s instead of space

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