Small card - Media control - Youtube

I’d love to see more media control for cards.

  1. Volume control
  2. Consistent states, noting this could be by design and source dependent.

Currently there’s two states from what I can observe:

Youtube embed:: Play and stop.
Unable to resume, which resets the embed and loses positioning of video. Also muted by default but that could be coming from YT. Ability to play/enable sound natively from Kinopio would be super.

Embeded Audio: Play and Pause
This functions as intended and didn’t think anything of it; outs of the box - but volume control would be super (both states)

Also small cards limit: not sure on the use case for having it this small with text, so a limit would be cool here - it does limit once media is played.

The Image only filter has a nice minimal take, and adding media controls would look so nice.


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I’m not sure controls outside the yt window is technically possible (the YouTube embed isn’t a normal mp4 video).

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Ah that’s fair. Worth a shot :slightly_smiling_face:
Resizing a card for YT controls isn’t a deal breaker anyways.

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at the very least , i’d like to address this by figuring out how to disable the player stopping when it’s outside the viewport

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contacted iframely on how to disable this ‘feature’. have a hack ready to go if they say it’s not possible

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fixed the issue where youtube vids stop playing once you scroll away

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and can also confirm that there’s no straight forward way to control iframe playback with custom buttons, so will mark this as resolved for now