Small feature: clicking on images to open in new tab by default?

Hello! First and foremost, I’ve fallen in love with kinopio. its just a delight to use and is so fun!!

My small suggestion is that when clicking that arrow button thing to open an image, it redirects the current tab to the fullsize image url. Personally, I prefer opening them in a new tab so I don’t lose what I was just on and feel like that’s the default way most people browse the web? Dunno if this is a common feeling, or a “just me” kinda thing. cmd/ctrl clicking doesn’t work either. right click-> open new tab, does work though.

Anyway love the app and the nerdy quaint community that has formed hehe.



:wave:t2: @thombee, welcome to the forums!

I def hear what you’re saying, and oftentimes I do prefer opening links in a new tab, but I do so by ⌘-clicking on the link. The default behavior is to open a link in the same window, that I’m familiar with.

I am seeing this behavior as well, and I agree, this should open in a new tab. (I think it used to, so this might be a regression).


Yo fair point, I read that article and they do make a good point. BUT, I mean (personally), I never want to open things like images in the same tab that I’m on. For me it makes sense that it opens in a new tab but doesn’t switch to it, so I can come back to it later. e.g if I’m looking at someone’s space, sometimes I might wanna see the picture larger, but now I’m very wary of clicking because it will redirect to just an image, then I’m gonna have to go back again… Like how the article said that opening in a new tab is acceptable for things like when you’re filling out a form or watching a video, I feel like navigating and adding /editing a space is quite similar. LOL the more I type the more nitpicky I feel but, to me, at least images ought to open in a new tab, with focus staying on kinopio. Or yea, at least cmd click working.

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Hi thombee, welcome to Kinopio, thanks for being here!

hmm ya that’s a bug - will fix!

+1, that article also mirrors the official W3 recommendation which drove that decision,

That’s because leaving the page during those actions is ‘destructive’ (by default, you’d lose your form data or your position in the video). However in Kinopio leaving anytime is non-destructive.

Definitely there are times when I want to open things in new tabs though, but making the open-in-new-tab default decision for everyone is also a lose-lose situation :frowning: . At least with the default behaviour you have the control over whether it’s a new tab


OK fair points, I concede my position gracefully… :laughing:


just released a fix for the cmd-click card issue


woohoo ty!