Smart Distribute a la Sketch

Per Discord:

(from nicetrysean):

I would love to see this instead of the current tools to distribute items :heart:

Yeah- “instead” is too optimistic. I agree it would be helpful to have smarter Layout options. Especially as half the fun of working in a canvas is playing with layout! So an actionable feature could be:

  • distribute function returns value to field called Spacing.
  • Nearby elements are distance checked with the Spacing field.
  • Nearby elements are “snapped” to the Spacing arrangement.
  • Each “new” card is created at the Spacing interval.
  • As the Spacing field updates, so does all the nearby elements

This achieves the “smart grid” without locking cards to a grid. Works horizontally and vertically. Also means that mobile users don’t change their behaviour


is this related to Snapping relative to other cards to allow tidying cards ?

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