Social login support

Login with Google, Twitter or Apple would be super cool!

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I’m against doing this because long-term this causes more problems than it solves initially:

excerpt from a rough note i published a long time ago at

Sign In with google/facebook/github/hell

Signing in with third party oauth providers is the easiest thing to implement, and gives you 2FA for free.

But in exchange for that convenience, you’re giving over user data to big tech corps and the advertising-industrial complex that’s ruining the web, and damaging democracy.

Also you can’t just do one of them because someone will inevitably tell you that they don’t have a [facebook] account. So you’re sign in screen ends up looking like a rainbow colored mess of corporate logos, and the user has to remember which of these services they used with your particular service.

And lord help you if they sign in with a different one later and think that their data has disappeared.


Fully agree. This happened to me yesterday on ProductHunt. I got 90% of the way through onboarding with Sign-in-with-Google and then couldn’t set the username to ‘stegriff’… because I’d already created an account through Sign-in-with-Twitter

Email is king :+1:


On a related note , using only email and having full control over my authorization flow will make it way easier to add 2fa later 2FA support for user accounts 🔐


Perfect makes sense, I planned not to add those in my upcoming projects :smiley: