Some observations after collaborating with 7 folks

I don’t have steps to reproduce these, but wanted to capture some things I saw. Perhaps I can follow up if I have time to do further investigation.

I had the browser console open for the whole session. I did not see any errors there, nor did I see any user-visible notifications/errors.

Random empty cards

In the course of collaborating (many people adding cards to the space), a bunch of empty cards started appearing. I don’t know how they got created. When I noticed, I refreshed my browser, they disappeared. I’m pretty sure I didn’t create them.

Timestamp shows up as "Just now"

After a collaboration session with my team, I noticed a card on my space with the timestamp “Just now”. It didn’t change when I clicked on it to show the absolute time stamp.

I don’t know how it got into that state, but just FYI :slight_smile:

Updating the name fixed the problem.

2020-09-10 at 13.34.20 - Chocolate Opossum

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My one coworker reported that while he was using it (as a collaborator on the private space), he lost write access. Everything disappeared except maybe two cards, he said.) He then reloaded the browser, and he was back to a good state.

He also observed the random empty cards showing up in his view (which got cleared up after a reload.)

Overall he said the experience felt buggy and “beta” quality because he had to refresh a bunch of times.

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still gotta fix that ‘just now’ issue,

How’s the random empty cards situations and overall bugginess these days? I’ve made a couple changes towards that stuff this month :slight_smile:

I just had a collaboration session with my team (9 of us) actively creating, moving, connecting cards. We didn’t see any issues during or after. I checked the console and didn’t see any errors either. I’m very happy about that
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ.

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awesome to hear!
thanks for your super helpful feedback

Just released a fix for the date issue,

Before the date would be based on the card.nameUpdatedAt property only. I added a fallback for also using the card.createdAt date.

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